Affordably remove a broken or painful tooth with a tooth extraction.

What is a tooth extraction?

When a tooth is badly damaged or painful, one of the treatment options is the removal of the tooth, often known as a tooth extraction or "pulling" a tooth. A root canal is typically an alternative. A tooth extraction involves the widening of the socket of bone that the tooth sits in until the tooth lifts out of the socket. Sometimes, a drill is used to separate the tooth into multiple pieces to make removing the tooth more comfortable.

How painful is pulling a tooth?

At DDSNow Urgent Dental Care, one of our primary goals during any procedure, including dental extractions, is to make sure you feel as little pain as possible. Our dentists use a special combination of anesthetics that help to get your tooth completely numb quickly, as well as stay numb for several hours after the procedure is completed. If you ever feel pain during your tooth extraction procedure, you can simply let the dentist know that you feel pain. The dentist will stop and make sure you are anesthetized to the fullest extent possible. During an extraction, you will feel pressure, as it is unavoidable. However, pain is not a requirement of a tooth extraction.

Are tooth extractions common?

Dental extractions are the most common procedure performed by emergency dentists. In fact, each dentist at DDSNow Urgent Dental Care completes thousands of tooth extractions every single year. As a result, the extraction process, including everything from getting numb to post-operative healing, is very predictable and routine.

How long does it take to remove a tooth?

As we mentioned above, the dentists at DDSNow perform a lot of tooth extractions. Because of this, the time it takes to remove a tooth at any of our practices is minimal. You can expect to spend less than 30 minutes in the chair for most extractions, including the time it takes to get numb. Of course, more difficult extractions can take a little longer, but this is not the case for most extractions.

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