Root canals are a painless way to save your damaged tooth.

What is a root canal?

If your tooth is hurting or badly damaged, a root canal is one of the best options you have to save your natural tooth from extraction. While the process is very technical, the idea is simple: your tooth is thoroughly numbed and then the nerve of your tooth is removed and replaced with a special material to keep bacteria out. Root canals generally make your natural tooth more fragile, and as a result, a crown is typically required to keep your tooth healthy and strong afterwards.

Are root canals painful?

You've likely seen television shows that make root canals out to be one of the most painful procedures you can experience. This couldn't be any further from the truth. Root canals, while sometimes lengthy and boring, are not painful at all when performed properly. The dentists at DDSNow Urgent Dental Care use a special combination of dental anesthetics that ensure your tooth gets numb quickly and stays numb for several hours afterwards. This allows you to relax as your root canal is completed with precision and care. It is worthy of repeating: root canals are not painful procedures.

How common are root canals?

Because root canals are time-consuming and require a lot of materials, they are often more expensive and less performed than other dental services, such as tooth extractions. With that being said, root canals are performed every single day at every DDSNow Urgent Dental Care location. They are an invaluable emergency dental procedure, as they allow you to save your natural tooth instead of relying on a dental implant or bridge to replace it.

How long do root canals take?

Root canals are one of the longest dental procedures. By themselves, root canals can take as little as 1 hour for a front tooth or as long as 2 hours for a molar. However, root canals are often paired with other procedures, such as dental crowns, that add to the length of the visit. Fortunately, our dentists are very experienced in performing root canal procedures, and the visit time can be much shorter.

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