Dentures made affordable

Get dentures for $799 each.

Dentures have never been more affordable, thanks to DDSNow's groundbreaking denture process.
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Denture features

Expect more than just a great price.

Ultra-precise fit
Thanks to 3D printing, your denture matches your gum tissues to less than 100 microns.
Lustrous finish
Each denture is carefully polished to create a smooth, highly-resistant surface.
2.5 millimeters thin
Backed by research, this thickness ensures your denture is durable, yet lightweight.
Four color combinations
Two diverse gum pigments and two unique tooth shades help you to match your needs.
Individual touches
You can choose to keep the parts of your smile that are unique to you, such as a small gap.
Personalized engraving
Each denture is engraved in a discrete area with your name, just in case.
Accurately scanned
Your impressions are digitized to maximize accuracy during the design process.
3D printed
3D printing shaves off weeks by removing unneeded steps, as well as shipping time.
On-demand replacements
Denture designs are digitally stored, in case you ever lose or damage your denture.
“The denture itself is great quality, fits well, and looks great! Turn around time was fantastic.”
Vanessa Hagan
September 28

Save time with our unique denture process.

At most offices, dentures require up to five visits over five weeks. Our process saves you weeks of time, as well as hundreds of dollars.
Consult with the dentist

Meet with one of our experienced providers to discuss your options, as well as what you can expect from the denture process.

Take impressions and records

Finish all of the stages of the denture process in just one visit thanks to our unique, one-step impression process.

It's that easy!
Receive your dentures

Just one to two weeks later, your dentures are ready for you to try in with the provider and take home with you.

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When you can get dentures for just $799 each, there has never been a better time to start the process.