Smile confidently again with natural and affordable dentures.

What are dentures?

Dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth. If you are already missing all of your upper or lower teeth (or both), you can be fit for traditional dentures to restore your ability to smile, eat, and talk naturally. If you aren't missing your teeth but believe they need to be removed, you can have dentures prepared before your tooth extractions so that you never go without teeth. These types of dentures are called immediate dentures, and are possibly more common than traditional dentures.

Are dentures painful to wear?

When you first receive your dentures, they can be slightly uncomfortable to wear, particularly if you have never had dentures before. This discomfort is completely normal and can be resolved quickly in the office. In fact, it is usually expected that a patient will need to return for some denture adjustment appointments following the delivery of a new set of dentures. Once the sore spots have been relieved, you should experience no pain in the future from your dentures.

How common are dentures?

Dentures are worn by millions of patients in the United States, across a wide range of age groups. They are very commonly performed at every DDSNow Urgent Dental Care location, often alongside tooth extractions as an immediate denture.

How long does the denture process take?

The denture process varies depending on what type of denture you wish to receive. The traditional denture process can take up to 4-5 visits before you receive you dentures, whereas the immediate denture process typically takes 2 appointments. In both circumstances, you should be able to receive your dentures in a matter of weeks.

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